Mazda RX7 FD Rocket Bunny Widebody


  1. Wash & Decontamination
  2. Multi-Stage Paint Correction
  3. Opti-Coat Pro+ Paint Protection


This very special car belongs to a colleague of mine who runs a high end car audio shop (Phatt Audio Concepts). It’s his baby that he has owned for a number of years and has had a number of guises. This is the latest iteration which was completed around 4 months ago.

The widebody kit is Rocket Bunny and it has been painted in a custom Dulux colour derived just for this car. The pearl metallic flake can no longer be bought so it cannot be replicated on an other car. The last remaining of its type being firmly in the grip of this car’s owner.

Being the demo car for Phatt Audio, it has enough sound gear in it to host a rock concert. Not a small one either.

The wheels are custom Meister dishes, and are the same width and spec as a Lamborghini Diablo.

The engine is highly strung and idles like it’s extremely unhappy with standing still.

It is the very definition of special and unique.

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Dan Begins with a Wash & Decontamination stage to your vehicle.


Swirls & Scratches are removed/minimised. Paint Clarity and Gloss are increased.


Paint protection applied professionally to the corrected paintwork.