A Final Cover


Porsche 997 GT2 – Solid Black


  1. Wash & Decontamination
  2. Multi-Stage Paint Correction
  3. Kamikaze Infinity Wax (Carnuba/Glass Coat hybrid)


Being such a low-mileage car (less than 1700kms at the time of detailing), the hardest issue was dealing with the hairline scratches and swirls over the car from years of microfibre wipedowns. This doesn’t sound too bad but combine it with the sticky porous nature of the solid black paint meant it was more of a challenge than you’d think. All up approx 18hrs of correction went into the car to achieve the result here. The car was then coated with Kamikaze Infinity Wax

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Dan works by a simple philosophy, treat every car he details as if it were his own.<

With exacting standards, and investment in both tools and knowledge, Dan's Garage has passion, care, and attention to detail that is second to none.

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Dan Begins with a Wash & Decontamination stage to your vehicle.


Swirls & Scratches are removed/minimised. Paint Clarity and Gloss are increased.


Paint protection applied professionally to the corrected paintwork.