A Final Cover


2010 Mercedes Benz SLK300


  1. Wash & Decontamination
  2. Multi-Stage Paint Correction
  3. Opti-Coat Pro+ Paint Protection (2 layers)


This 2010 SLK 300 was purchased last November with less than 10,000kms on the clock. Unfortunately in its time with the first owner though it had been exposed to many carwash cafe washes and also a number of broom washes. When the first owner sold it, the dealership then made things worse by leaving a mess of buffer trails and polish residue across the car. The kicker is that they didn’t actually achieve any correction! All they did was to install buffer trails on top of all the swirls and scratches.

The new owner said that he wasn’t expecting miracles and asked that I do the best I can.

Needless to say, this was going to be a challenge. At least there were good paint levels on the car, with it averaging 180 microns+

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Dan works by a simple philosophy, treat every car he details as if it were his own.<

With exacting standards, and investment in both tools and knowledge, Dan's Garage has passion, care, and attention to detail that is second to none.

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Dan Begins with a Wash & Decontamination stage to your vehicle.


Swirls & Scratches are removed/minimised. Paint Clarity and Gloss are increased.


Paint protection applied professionally to the corrected paintwork.