A Final Cover


Nissan Skylline R32 GTR V Spec II


  1. Wash & Decontamination
  2. Multi-Stage Paint Correction
  3. Opti-Coat Pro+ Paint Protection (2 layers)


This stunning example of an unmodified R32 GTR was imported a few years ago. It has an incredibly low 22,000 kms on the clock! A car better than this simply won’t be found outside of a museum. It’s owner, upon receiving the car, went about coating it himself.

Now, I’m never ever one to discourage people from giving detailing a go themselves. Everyone starts somewhere, and I applaud those willing to spend the time and effort on their cars. Especially in a society where so many people are time-poor. There is an immense satisfaction that can be gained with achieving results yourself. As well as learning a craft and continuing to improve your skills.

By the owner’s own admission, his coating effort wasn’t great, and whilst I would never put down the efforts of others, he was quite happy for this, in his own words, “to be made an example of”. He said he’s more than happy for people to learn from this, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to write it up. You’ve got to respect that!

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Dan works by a simple philosophy, treat every car he details as if it were his own.<

With exacting standards, and investment in both tools and knowledge, Dan's Garage has passion, care, and attention to detail that is second to none.

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Dan Begins with a Wash & Decontamination stage to your vehicle.


Swirls & Scratches are removed/minimised. Paint Clarity and Gloss are increased.


Paint protection applied professionally to the corrected paintwork.