Car Detailing Services

Wash & Decontamination

An often underestimated part of car detailing but something that must be thorough in order to achieve the absolute best final results. Starting with a chemical decontamination to remove ferrous particulates on the wheels, Dan then completes a full inside and out clean of the wheels before moving on to the rest of the car.

Chemical Decontamination of the wheels:


Spray Soak of the wheels to further loosen dirt and grime


The wheels and wheel arches are then fully cleaned:


Before moving on to the rest of the car. The same chemical decontamination is used on the paint:


A foam pre-wash is then employed to help further loosen up dirt and other particulates attached to the car:

This is followed by brush agitation on various hard to reach areas of the car where grime can build up:

A two-bucket hand wash is then completed, followed by a physical decontamination with clay/Prep Towel to remove any stubborn oxidation and restore a smooth surface to the paintwork

The car is then completely dried and moved into the Garage for inspection prior to paint correction.


Paint Correction


Prior to any paint correction taking place, the car is visually inspected under specialist lighting designed to highlight any and all imperfections in the paintwork

Paint depth checks across the car are then completed to ensure there is enough paint to achieve a high level of correction. Dan’s Garage has several different Paint Depth Gauges to be able to read all types of materials including plastics and exotic materials such as carbon fibre and kevlar

After the paint has been determined to be satisfactory for correction, a multi-stage machine polish is used to correct the paintwork and remove/minimise swirls and scratches.

The first stages are to remove/minimise the bulk of marring on the paintwork

Follow-up Stages are used to further refine the paintwork and increase gloss levels and clarity


Once this process has been completed, one of several Paint Protection options is employed to lock-in and protect the corrected paintwork


Paint Protection

The final piece. Once the paint has been corrected to a glossy swirl-free finish, it now has to be protected in order to be able to maintain its look and make further maintenance washing easier and more satisfying.

Dan’s Garage offers several options with regard to Paint Protection:

1) Wax

Dan’s Garage uses premium waxes to obtain the highest levels of gloss and hard shine. A typical wax treatment will last for approx 4 weeks before needing re-application. It is a short term protection reserved generally for those who might want to play around with different types of wax on their car down the track to achieve a certain look. Or for those who want the ultimate concours look


 2) Sealant

Dan’s Garage uses a high quality polymer-based sealant which is applied in two layers over an approx 18hr period. This process ensures great durability and shine, with this paint protection lasting several months dependent on maintenance and how the vehicle is stored. It is a good option for owners of daily driven cars who might still want to regularly maintain their cars with wax from time to time without the risk of having the wax as the only layer of protection.

Sealant layer curing on the car:


Final result after two layers of sealant and topped with wax:


3) Coatings

Dan’s Garage offers a ceramic polymer coating called Opti-Coat. This is by far the most durable of the Paint Protection options. This is designed with low maintenance in mind, providing a highly durable, chemically resistant coating over the car without sacrificing gloss and look. This is the most popular option for people who care about their cars but might not have the time in their busy lives to properly and consistently maintain them. In most cases a simple wash and dry is all that is required to maintain the vehicle. No waxes or sealants are required.

A coated BMW 5 Series:




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